New Shadow System

December 4th, 2012

Cool Text Logo

A drop shadow gives a logo extra flare, and often makes it look more smooth and professional. Unfortunately, only a few of our logos have had the option to add a shadow, and they gave you practically no control over how it looked.

Until now, that is!

Shadow Options

We’ve added a new shadow system to Cool Text. Now most of our styles have shadows available. We’ve also standardized how shadows are done, so a shadow on one logo will look the same as a shadow on another if you choose the same settings.

The new shadow system has options that give you control over how your shadow looks. Control how blurry the shadow is and change it’s offsets. Set to no offset to get a nice glow effect. Change the opacity to make it lighter or darker.

Come and add a shadow to your logo with Cool Text’s new shadow system!

New Glitter Logo Style Now Available

August 24th, 2012

The photographers are lining up on the runway to photograph our new Cool Text logo style, Glitter! This glitzy new logo style has it all. Customize the colors and even frequency of the sparkly glitter effect. This logo is animated, so the flashes will never stop shining on your new logo.

Change the background color or text color to customize the look. Change your font so that your logo is just perfect for its first trip down the red carpet.

Put some Bling in your logo with the Glitter Logo Style!

Glamour. Beauty. Fame. Glitter Text. We’ve got it all here at Cool Text.

New Fantasy Logo Style and New Gradients Available

March 13th, 2012


Or… maybe you will, if you come to Cool Text and check out our new Fantasy logo style! Capture the feeling of your favorite fantasy world in your logo – complete with elves, dwarves, dragons, and orcs.

Customize the text, font, and color of your logo.The default is a heroic yellow, but change it to something dark if the evil overlord style suits you better. Or, you can summon one of our ancient gradients instead.  You don’t need the One Ring to give your logo a magical touch.

Your quest for the Epic Logo of Awesomeness (+3 to charisma) ends here with the new Fantasy logo style!

P.S. We also added twenty-five new gradients to Cool Text! We’ve added many new bright gradients and color selections that we didn’t have before. Come and try them out on the Outline logo style.

New Logos with Symbols

December 15th, 2011

Need a professional looking logo for your business? How about a festive logo for the holidays? Well, you’re in luck. You can do all of this and more with our new Symbol Logo Style. This logo uses the same rendering system as our buttons, so your preview will render lightning fast!

You can customize the symbol – choose from hundreds of different symbols. Customize where the symbol is in relation to the text – above, below, to the side, diagonal, and more! The outlines, colors, fill types, shadows, and rendering effects are all customizable. Use two lines of text to get your logo exactly how you want it.

Also – check out our holiday example styles. We’ve even got a Christmas Logo, just in time for the holidays!

Merry Christmas from Cool Text!


New Molten Core Logo Style

November 17th, 2011

It’s getting hot down here at Cool Text. Volcanoes are erupting, spewing molten metals and rock all over logos in our new Molten Core logo style. This lava never dries or cools off – it just burns and flows, giving your logo a cool animated look. The best part – we deal with the volcanic ash and poisonous gases, and let you enjoy the logo.

Customize the gradient to give the logo animation a different look. With the right gradients, your logo can look like flowing water, liquid metal, or even molten gold! Customize the font, size, and background color to give your logo just the look you want.

Turn up the heat with our latest Molten Core style.

Straight from the earth’s outer core!

New Plastic Logo Style

October 6th, 2011

The chemical engineers here at Cool Text have been working overtime to create the perfect molecular structure for our new Plastic logo style. It’s new, it’s shiny, and it’s even safe for the environment! Avoid the hassle and the risk of burns from your chemistry set, and let us handle the logo making for you.

We’ll inject whatever color you’d like into the mix, or using our advanced color separation techniques, a texture or gradient can be applied instead. As usual, change the background to match your logo however you want, or go for a transparent look.

Get a great logo from Cool Text with our latest Plastic style.

Better than any acrylic, polyester, silicone or polyurethane!

Aliens Invade, Bringing the New Particle Logo Style

September 15th, 2011

Now you don’t even have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to give your logo that science fiction edge you’ve been looking for. Just enter in the coordinates for Cool Text and try our new Particle logo!

The effect is designed to mimic particle traces from bubble chambers that were used to discover the elementary particles that this particular universe seems to be built out of. A bubble chamber is a vessel filled with a superheated transparent liquid (most often liquid hydrogen) used to detect electrically charged particles moving through it. Charged particles create an ionisation track, around which the liquid vaporizes, forming microscopic bubbles. Very cool stuff that definitely qualifies for Cool Text!

Customize the color of the particles (dark colors work best) and watch your logo go out of this world! Or select dark green and the “Outline Only” option to give a circuitry effect – perfect for androids and robots alike.

So honor your quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons today with:

Beaming in from Cool Text at 99.999% of the speed of light!

Summoning the New Wizards Logo Style

July 21st, 2011

Whether your favorite incantation is “Abracadabra”, “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”, or “Alohamora”, we’ve got an enchanting new logo for you here at Cool Text!

Wizards is our latest logo style for all you witches, sorcerers, and clairvoyants. Select from one of over a hundred textures for your logo’s background! We’ve got dirt, water, lightning, and trees, for those of you into elemental magic. There are also a myriad of other backgrounds for battle mages, alchemists, and druids. If invisibility is what you like, you can also make the background transparent. We regret to inform the necromancers that there are no corpse or graveyard textures.

Choose from our selection of gradients to make the coloring on your logo magical. There’s everything from black gradients (if you’re into the Sauron look) to bright, colorful gradients for all the faerie folk.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a witch or wizard, or if your magic is white, black, or atomic tangerine.

Cast a spell on your logo with:

Wizards Logo Preview

It’s much easier than that summoning spell you’ve been learning, and it’s now available at Cool Text.

We’re making Steve Jobs iProud with our new iText Logo Style

July 21st, 2011

It seems that, sometimes, things just need an “i” in front of them or they’re just not as cool. So here at Cool Text we thought we’d add another victim to the long list of things that have been i-dified: Text, in our new iText Logo Style. A style to make even the phenomenal Steve Jobs proud. It’s truly a magical and revolutionary logo style!

And don’t worry – black and white aren’t the only colors that this logo is available in. Just change the color to whatever you want – you don’t even have to run to the fancy glass encased store to get this logo customized. This amount of customizability is typically impossible on things with an i in front of them.

Come and iRender your fully iCustomizable iLogo in:
iText Logo Preview

Available for free (likely the only thing with an i that is) at Cool Text.

Prepare your logo for the post-apocalyptic world with the new Grunge Style

April 25th, 2011

Is your logo ready for any disaster? Supervolcano? Nuclear war? Asteroid impact? Badly dressed clown dictator? Alien invasion? Robotic takeover? Peak oil? Zombie infection? How come zombies never eat each others’ brains?

Regardless, our new Grunge logo is here to serve all of your post-apocalyptic logo needs.

Grunge simulates the peeling paint that occurs when zombies are trying to claw in through the walls, or when a flood erodes away your house’s nice new coat of paint, or when aliens just decide to play a fun prank and age your house a hundred years or so. You can change the color of the paint (zombies are known to live in mortal fear of the color aquamarine.  Fact!)

You also get to decide the texture that fills the text behind the paint, so that your logo can be built out of whatever material you think will best weather the storm, or keep the vampires out. Change the paint damage level to change how much of the paint is missing, chipped, or gouged out by vicious man and wood eating plants.

The light still shines, usually even after the apocalypse*. Change the light amount option to customize how much light is shining on your logo. 

Simulate your current state of disaster with:

Now available at Cool Text!

*Cool Text does not supply a warranty on the sun, nor a guarantee that light will be available after your specific apocalyptic event. Please style your logo accordingly.