Prepare your logo for the post-apocalyptic world with the new Grunge Style

April 25th, 2011

Is your logo ready for any disaster? Supervolcano? Nuclear war? Asteroid impact? Badly dressed clown dictator? Alien invasion? Robotic takeover? Peak oil? Zombie infection? How come zombies never eat each others’ brains?

Regardless, our new Grunge logo is here to serve all of your post-apocalyptic logo needs.

Grunge simulates the peeling paint that occurs when zombies are trying to claw in through the walls, or when a flood erodes away your house’s nice new coat of paint, or when aliens just decide to play a fun prank and age your house a hundred years or so. You can change the color of the paint (zombies are known to live in mortal fear of the color aquamarine.  Fact!)

You also get to decide the texture that fills the text behind the paint, so that your logo can be built out of whatever material you think will best weather the storm, or keep the vampires out. Change the paint damage level to change how much of the paint is missing, chipped, or gouged out by vicious man and wood eating plants.

The light still shines, usually even after the apocalypse*. Change the light amount option to customize how much light is shining on your logo. 

Simulate your current state of disaster with:

Now available at Cool Text!

*Cool Text does not supply a warranty on the sun, nor a guarantee that light will be available after your specific apocalyptic event. Please style your logo accordingly.

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