New Fantasy Logo Style and New Gradients Available

March 13th, 2012


Or… maybe you will, if you come to Cool Text and check out our new Fantasy logo style! Capture the feeling of your favorite fantasy world in your logo – complete with elves, dwarves, dragons, and orcs.

Customize the text, font, and color of your logo.The default is a heroic yellow, but change it to something dark if the evil overlord style suits you better. Or, you can summon one of our ancient gradients instead.  You don’t need the One Ring to give your logo a magical touch.

Your quest for the Epic Logo of Awesomeness (+3 to charisma) ends here with the new Fantasy logo style!

P.S. We also added twenty-five new gradients to Cool Text! We’ve added many new bright gradients and color selections that we didn’t have before. Come and try them out on the Outline logo style.

3 responses to “New Fantasy Logo Style and New Gradients Available”

  1. Travis says:

    Thank you guys for so many wonderful fonts and cool text items! It’s amazing what you do, and keeps individuals and businesses running across the globe.

    You’re awesome.

    – Travis.

  2. Paul Wratt says:

    these kinds of sites used to be very common years ago, and gimmicky too..

    .. nice to see a useful 2k12 implimentation, one that is modern and flexible..

    Cheers for your hard work

  3. Andrei says:

    Do, please, fonts with support for “Cyrillic”.
    You have a lot more users!

    Сделайте,пожалуйста,шрифты с поддержкой “кириллицы”.
    У вас намного увеличится число пользователей!